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What’s it like to be a real estate agent? Jo Langstaff

Experienced sales consultant, Jo Langstaff, describes what it’s like to be a salesperson at Ray White MetroWest real estate in Chapel Hill, Brisbane after having commenced her career at another nearby agency. If you’re thinking about changing office, speak to Craig Sharp today!

Q What’s your highest sale price while working at Ray White MetroWest?

A The highest sale price I have achieved in my career has been with Ray White MetroWest and it was just over $1,500,000

Q How is the training at Ray White MetroWest?

A It’s exceptional. It’s always at a time that’s convenient and it’s consistent.

Q How is the culture on the sales floor?

A The culture on the sales floor is very very good. Everybody gets along very well.

Q Are there any restrictions on where you can and can’t sell?

A Not at all. It’s more restricted by how far you care to drive.

Q Do you receive your commissions on time?

A Yes I always get my commission on time

Q Why did you choose Ray White MetroWest?

A Firstly because the Ray White brand is probably one of the strongest in the area for starters but I find that Ray White MetroWest has a good balance between training and support as well as having a good time

Q Do you receive the support you need from the Principal?

A The support I receive from the principal, I find is particularly good.

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