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Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

By Craig Sharp

We’ve put together 3 Simple Steps That Will Make Your Home More Environmentally-Friendly

You may not know it, but the world is affected by pollution a lot more than in the past. In an era where it seems as though everyone is focused on themselves, it takes real courage and responsibility to think about making your home more environmentally-friendly and helping our planet Earth.

Luckily, starting the process is easy. You can make your home eco-friendly in three simple steps – listed below.

1. Reduce

The first and foremost step you should be considering is to reduce your dependance on all disposable items. Start using products that can be reused like refillable pens and tape dispensers, razors with replaceable blades etc.

Other things you can reduce are the packaging you can buy – and the trash you usually throw. Avoid single-serving items and become loyal to brands that embrace minimal packaging. Yes – it all creates a difference.

You may not be aware of it, but your environmentally-friendly approach will make an impact and you will help the planet.

2. Reuse

The fine art of repurposing is what responsible homeowners are all about nowadays. The truth is, we throw out a lot of things  because they stop serving their original purpose. But how many things do we buy that can be reused later on?

From pens to desk utensils to kitchen items, the products that we buy should become reusable. A dresser that your child has outgrown does not have to end in the trash – it can be passed on to new generations.

Same goes with paper – where you must understand that it has a double duty. Tossing out paper that still has life in it is one of the mistakes that lead to pollution. So flip those papers over and run them through the printer – and you will be helping your planet.

3. Recycle

Last but not least is the art of recycling. The bin out front should not be the end destination for all your garbage. You can recycle a lot more than you think but you need to do some research at first. From carpet padding to compact discs and even electronics – all of these items can have a second life.

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