Are Dyson Vacuums Good?

By Krista Sharp

Are Dyson Vacuums Good?

Someone recently asked me, “Are Dyson vacuums good?”

Are they good?  Are they good?  What a question.  They are fantastic!

Vacuuming is one of those chores I have absolutely abhorred my whole life.  I hated the disturbing noise mum’s vacuum used to make when I was a little kid watching TV and I’d be trying to talk to her and realise she couldn’t hear me.

The downward pushing motion used to me feel queasy and the vacuum cleaners we had previously were big old tanks that seemed to weigh a tonne.  We recently purchased the Dyson V6 at Myer for about $500 on sale.  At almost half the price of the latest version I thought it was a great deal.  I’ve seen them advertised at JB Hi Fi for $399 more recently.

These are some of the ways the Dyson V6 has changed my life and could possibly change yours too

  • I vacuumed the inside of my car myself for the first time in 25 years. This vacuum makes it super easy.  Simply change the head and take it to your car. There are four different heads you can put on it but I’ve only used three so far.
  • It only goes for 20 minutes and I don’t want to vacuum for longer than that anyway and now I don’t have to feel guilty about it!
  • Once I realised I didn’t need to lean down anymore – I can vacuum standing upright!! I never get sick or a sore back from using this vacuum.
  • The kids were always happy to vacuum but now they’re even keener due to the light weight and easy to use features.
  • It is really handy to store away in the laundry cupboard and it charges up at the same time on its wall mounted “dock”.
  • Easily get to hard to get to places – spider webs between large appliances are now eradicated!

If you’re thinking about a new vacuum cleaner I would recommend you go and test drive the Dyson range and remember how I saved nearly 50% by buying an older model.

Do you have experience with a Dyson?  I’d love to hear what you think.

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