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How often should I clean my gutters?

Craig Sharp: Pleasure to have you in here, just to find out exactly how this all works.
Edward Nutter: Yes.
Craig Sharp: I don’t know about some people, but I get up on my own roof and try and clean my gutters, but as I nearly came a cropper recently, that’s it. No more getting up on roofs. This man is the man for that job, and he obviously values his life less than I value mine. But, mate, can I ask you a question? Why are people cleaning out gutters?
Edward Nutter: Why are they cleaning out gutters? Because basically, if they don’t clean them out, they are going to get in trouble with the storms. The water is going to come in through the valleys, and the other thing, too, is maintenance. It’s going to rust your gutters out, if you don’t clean them.
Craig Sharp: So, then, how often have we got to do it?
Edward Nutter: Properties around here, I do, probably six months to 12 months, depending on trees, obviously. Some places I do every three months, but most places, particularly rentals and landlords, about 12 months.
Craig Sharp: Well, 12 months is easy. What is that costing people?
Edward Nutter: Costing people, it’s around 195 to 249, but it can go up a lot more than that, depending on how bad it is, how big the house is, when it was last done.
Craig Sharp: Can I claim it on my tax?
Edward Nutter: You can. Yeah, definitely on a rental property. Yeah.
Craig Sharp: Fantastic. I don’t see any reason why we are not getting it done every year.
Edward Nutter: Yeah. That’s right.
Craig Sharp: So, Edward, what other services do you offer?
Edward Nutter: Well, whilst we are on the roof, we always check the roof, to make sure that there’s no broken tiles. If there’s broken tiles, we repair them. We usually report any issues that we find. There might be broken aerials or whirly birds not spinning, but oftentimes today, people have solar panels, so we clean the solar panels as well. They should be cleaned every 12 months.
Craig Sharp: Fantastic. One stop shop.
Edward Nutter: Yes.
Craig Sharp: Fantastic. Now, let me ask you a question. I have always wondered, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever found in a gutter, outside of kids’ tennis balls?
Edward Nutter: Worst thing I guess is probably the scariest thing, and it’s the non-venomous snakes-
Craig Sharp: The snakes?
Edward Nutter: They can get up there. So, we found a two and a half metre python live, but they are pretty docile, and so we just tickled it, and it moved on through the gutter and off away.
Craig Sharp: They make good eating, those snakes. So, Edward, appreciate it very much.
Edward Nutter: Yeah. Not a problem. Thank you.