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How do I prepare my property for rent?

The better condition a home is in the better quality tenant it will attract.

The following are recommended steps to prepare your property:

  • The carpets must be freshly cleaned and all debris and personal belongings removed from the house.
  • It is not always necessary to paint, however it is important to provide tenants with clean well cared for housing. If walls are damaged, they should be repaired. If paint is worn or marred it should be refreshed with a new coat. If carpets are worn out, they should be replaced.
  • Neutral window coverings such as blinds should be left, but not curtains that match a particular bedspread or couch. Tenants moving into a rental property do expect some sort of window coverings to be provided for privacy and safety.
  • The tenants are requested to maintain the yard in the condition it is provided to them. Therefore, the yard should be freshly mowed, weeded, trimmed and the leaves and debris removed. It is commonly recommended that the owner retain a landscaper or lawn service in order to control the external appearance and upkeep of the property.

Your Property Manager will be happy to discuss any necessary repairs or maintenance concerns with you. They are knowledgeable about cost effective ways to provide the best care for a property. They know what tenant’s desire and how best to meet those concerns.

How will you find tenants for my property?

We will initially contact our database or tenants. Your property will also be advertised on our website, and the listing is syndicated to many other national and local websites. The ads include specific information about the property, including a list of amenities, size and weekly rent. We also have regular contact with relocation agencies and the human resource departments of many of the region’s largest companies. Your property will enjoy broad exposure to the market.

How long will it take to find a tenant?

There are a variety of factors that influence how long it will take to find a tenant for a particular property, including:

  • location
  • property condition
  • market conditions
  • time of year
  • schools
  • amenities
  • pricing

We will be advising you on each of these factors and providing you with detailed feedback. Under normal circumstances and notwithstanding any considerable issues it will normally take two to four weeks to lease up a home.

What costs do the tenants pay upon move-in?

The move-in cost for a tenant is typically the equivalent of six weeks rent. This includes the first two weeks rent plus four weeks bond. The bond will be held by the Residential Tenancies Authority. In most cases, the tenant, upon move-in will place all of the utilities in their own name. A bond is never paid in lieu of the last month’s rent and should not be referred to as such.

I do not want any pets or smokers in the house. Can I also say no to children?

By eliminating pet owners you are probably eliminating 65% of the people in the market for a rental house! Being open to pets makes your property available to more potential renters.
All of our properties are smoke free, and this policy is spelled out clearly in the lease agreement.

Please do not ask your property manager to discriminate against children or families. It’s against the law.

What happens if the tenant does not pay rent on time?

We have a zero rent arrears policy. We send daily reminders and if the rent is not received by the eighth day, we breach the tenant and take the first step in the eviction process.

When do I get my money each month?

Statements to owners, along with their monthly disbursement proceeds, go out in the first week of the month.
Monthly disbursements are deposited directly into your bank account and monthly statements can be received via email.

How am I protected if the tenant damages the property?

A security deposit, known as bond, is taken at move-in in order to minimize the risk of tenant damage. Tenants who pass our screening criteria generally do not create any damages over the amount of the security deposit. Our screening process checks credit, eviction records, employment and rental history.
We also perform a complete move-in/move-out inspection of the property, also known as an entry and exit condition report. This includes written documentation of the property condition and digital photography.
Should the tenants leave the property owing more than is covered by the security deposit, they will be billed. If they do not pay, the owner may choose to pursue the tenant for damages and the account can be turned over to a collection agency.

What happens if the tenant leaves before the end of the lease?

It is important for tenants to understand that a lease is a legally binding contract. Breaking legal agreements you’ve consented to can have significant and costly repercussions.
According to the terms of the lease agreement, the tenant is responsible for the rent for the duration of the term of the lease. If the tenant leaves prior to the termination date, they will be charged for the rent until the property is re-rented to acceptable persons under the same terms and conditions of the original lease. They are also charged a break lease fee and advertising costs.
It is the landlord’s responsibility to attempt to re-rent the property as soon as possible in order to minimize the tenant’s costs.

How are maintenance emergencies dealt with?

Tenants have access to emergency tradespeople whom they can contact if there is an after hours emergency. Your property will receive prompt attention with minimal inconvenience to your tenants. You will never be called in the middle of the night!

Who does the repairs on the properties you manage? Can I use my own contractors?

We use a variety of outside contractors depending on the work that needs to be done. Many of our tradespeople have been with us for years and are available 24 hours a day for emergencies. They work at competitive rates and are licensed and insured as appropriate to their profession. You are billed for exactly the amount of the invoice; we do not charge for supervision of normal repairs. If still preferred, we can use your own contractors. However our standard procedure of obtaining a supplier agreement and necessary license/insurance documents will apply.

For more information on renting your property give us a call on 3737 0000 or email