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3 tax deductions all property investors must consider this financial year

1. Smoke Alarm Upgrades

New Queensland smoke alarm laws came into play in January 2017 and most investment property owners have until 31 December 2021 to get their smoke alarms up to scratch. It sounds like a long time but who knows how difficult it might be to source smoke alarms and electricians if you leave it to the last minute?

For a standard 3 bedroom house requiring 5 new photoelectric interconnected hard-wired alarms the cost to upgrade is approximately $600.

We recommend everybody considers getting their properties made compliant sooner rather than later.  If you’re looking for tax deductions, this is kills two birds with one stone.

Please contact us if you would like to get your home upgraded now!

Simply email with the subject heading:
YES! Please quote for a total Smoke Alarm Compliance Upgrade

We will get a qualified electrician to quote for your particular requirements.

2. Air-conditioners

One air-conditioner in the living room doesn’t cut it for most tenants. Consider putting split system reverse cycle units in each bedroom. This is a depreciable tax deduction which can assist with tenant retention and maximising your yield. Click here for more

Call Krista to discuss your options.

3. Fence the Yard

Fences have a multitude of benefits. They keep pets and children in and other people’s pets out. Fences of any size make occupants feel safer and make homes more attractive to potential tenants. If your investment property is a house and isn’t fully fenced, consider whether doing some fencing work could assist with retaining tenants.

If you’d like to discuss this please contact Krista Sharp.