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What if there’s a Ghost in my house?

Krista Sharp:                          Hi, I’m Krista Sharp. And this morning I’m really excited because I’m going to be speaking with a psychic medium/paranormal investigator and author. Her name is Lynne Heuermann, and she has written this book called “Sophia and the Spirits” about her granddaughter who sees spirit. But Sophia’s mum doesn’t see spirits, so this is really great because it explains to young kids what happens, what they’re seeing, if perhaps there’s no adult around who has experienced with perhaps what the child is seeing, and maybe is unsure whether the child is just imagining things. So, I think that’s a really great tool that Lynne has provided for parents and carers. So, “Sophia and the Spirits”!

New Speaker:                        So, this morning when I’ve been setting up for this video, I’ve done one of these recordings before. I’m a little bit concerned that the tech isn’t going to work, because we did a test yesterday and the tech didn’t work properly. So, yeah, this morning the first intro that I did, the audio worked, no vision. Then on my Mac, iTunes suddenly opened and started playing music!

New Speaker:                        So, I have no explanation for what the heck that was. So maybe Lynne can tell me. All right, this is going to be great.\!

Krista Sharp:                          I’m Krista Sharp and this is Lynne Heuermann.

Lynne Heuermann:            Hello.

Krista Sharp:                          Lynne, tell us about yourself.

Lynne Heuermann:            So I work as a psychic medium, a past life regression therapist, an an energy healer, and a paranormal investigator. Yeah.

Krista Sharp:                          Okay. And you’re also an author?

Lynne Heuermann:            I am. “Sophia and the Spirits”. That is my granddaughter and brother in law and on the cover there. So my granddaughter has had experiences since she was around two years old, where she would see and sense spirits around her. So she’s had nice experiences, Peter, my brother in law visits her quite often. My mother visits her, but she’s also had experiences from Earth bound spirits, which is a spirit that is a human person who’s died, and who hasn’t yet crossed over into the light. One woke her up one night and she was quite scared. Also, guides, angels. Yeah. So, everything in the book, like I say, she’s experienced it.

Krista Sharp:                          So who is the book for?

Lynne Heuermann:            Kids.

Krista Sharp:                          Kids.

Lynne Heuermann:            Well actually it’s for everyone. There’s a few people I’ve met who have read the book, who have had experiences when they were, say teenagers, or in their twenties, thirties, who have said the tools and techniques in the book have actually helped them as well. So it’s many can sense these spirits and don’t know what to do about it. It’s also for the parents.

Krista Sharp:                          Yeah.

Lynne Heuermann:            But it’s also for anyone who’s having any spiritual experiences. Like I say, the tools and techniques in there will help everyone.

Krista Sharp:                          Yeah. It’s amazing. So, Congratulations on your book!

Lynne Heuermann:            Thank you.

Krista Sharp:                          So I’m a real estate agent.

Lynne Heuermann:            Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Krista Sharp:                          Sometimes as a real estate agent, I might be in a home on my own at 6:30 on a Wednesday night and start thinking I can hear something upstairs.

Lynne Heuermann:            Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Krista Sharp:                          Or am I imagining that?

Lynne Heuermann:            No, no. Spirits, Earth bound spirits, which everyone’s heard of the term ghost. That’s what an Earth bound spirit is. So someone who’s died and hasn’t crossed over. It’s quite common for people not to crossover. And it may be for various reasons. They may have had a traumatic death. They may not be ready to go. They may have unfinished business. They may like the Earth life so much they don’t want to move on just yet. But there’s many reasons as to why they are here, but there’s a lot of spirits around, yeah.

Krista Sharp:                          So if I go and purchase a house, or go rent a house, how would I know that maybe there’s something there?

Lynne Heuermann:            Okay. So there’s a difference between spirits and residual energy. Residual energy you can also sense. And that’s when say, there’s been say domestic violence, or there’s been a lot of heavy dense energy in that home. When you walk in you’ll feel it. If there’s been a lot of loving energy in the home, you’ll feel that as well. And you can liken it to, if you walk into Alcatraz as opposed to Stonehenge, you can sense and feel that energy.

Krista Sharp:                          Yeah.

Lynne Heuermann:            So that’s like the residual energy, and that can build up in layers over time. When we get dust on the floor, we tend to vacuum.

Krista Sharp:                          I hope this is recording.

Lynne Heuermann:            A lot of people don’t cleanse their homes energetically. So that energy just can keep building up, and building up, and building up. And it can be quite toxic after awhile.

Krista Sharp:                          So what can people do if it’s residual energy?

Lynne Heuermann:            If it’s residual energy, there’s a few things you can do. You can use a sage stick. Everyone’s heard of saging to cleanse the home, that will remove the energies. You can use Australian bush flower essences, which I like to use, because they can help spirits to move on.

Krista Sharp:                          Yeah.

Lynne Heuermann:            It’s got lichen in it, so if they’re wanting to cross over, that will help. Just so you know, when you sage, generally the house will feel really good and you’ll think, oh, that spirit’s gone, feeling great. Sage can make spirits a bit dopey. But if they don’t want to cross over, they might stay around. And you might notice the activity pick up in about two weeks, after you’ve done your initial cleansing. So, it doesn’t always move the spirits on.

Krista Sharp:                          So then what?

Lynne Heuermann:            Other ways to cleanse your home is crystals, open the windows, sunlight. All those types of things will help. The singing, the singing bowls, bells, frequency music, all that will raise the vibration of the home. If you want to move on a spirit, you need to connect with that spirit. But there’s a really easy technique. It’s in the book. It’s all about visualising and believing what you’re doing. Never do any of this work though unless you can … Spirit guides, angels. Who I like to use is Archangel Michael.

Krista Sharp:                          Okay.

Lynne Heuermann:            He’s in the book. He’s great for moving on spirits. And he’s very protective. He carries a sword and a shield, and so he’s great for this type of work. So what you do is you call in your spirit guides. Call them all in, and then you just create the light. So I just, with my hand, three times, one, two, three, I’m creating a doorway of light. That’s for the spirit to step through.

Krista Sharp:                          Okay.

Lynne Heuermann:            Now I’ll start talking to him, and I’ll say, well, hey, what’s going on? Do you know you’re dead? You have to be blunt. Yeah, you have to be blunt. Because a lot of times they don’t know, if it’s been sudden or traumatic. They might’ve just got out of their body, and they wandered around, and thought, why is no one talking to me now? It’s quite sad.

Krista Sharp:                          Yeah.

Lynne Heuermann:            So I do like to be quite blunt, and then I can say, well, no, you can’t stay in this space. You need to go home.

Krista Sharp:                          Yep.

Lynne Heuermann:            So it’s really nice to move them on if you’ve got them. If you want to move them on and you can’t communicate with them, or get a sense of what’s going on. You can just say, here’s the doorway to home. This is where you need to be. Step through. If you feel uncomfortable creating the light, and you feel a little bit weird going, hey Archangel Michael, come here. Hey, I’m going to sit up this light. It’s different, right? What you can do, is just say in a voice, nice little voice, you need to leave my home. There’s light at, either you can go to a hospice, or you can go to a funeral directors, there’s always doorways open there, which they can cross over into. They can jump in on someone else’s light, that’s fine.

Krista Sharp:                          Okay.

Lynne Heuermann:            So if you’re feeling uncomfortable yourself, you can ask them to go to these places.

Krista Sharp:                          Could we call you?

Lynne Heuermann:            Yes, you can call me. For some people it’s empowering, and for some people it’s like taking out their parents. I think this is my house, and no you can’t live here.

Krista Sharp:                          Yeah.

Lynne Heuermann:            Do you know what I mean?

Krista Sharp:                          So, I was at an appraisal one day with a girl who I went to school with.

Lynne Heuermann:            Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Krista Sharp:                          And both her parents have passed on. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it, or what. But the lights were flickering.

Lynne Heuermann:            Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Krista Sharp:                          Kind of flickering on and off. And I don’t know if it was electrical wiring at the house, or something else.

Lynne Heuermann:            It’s actually spirits tend to use the electrical current to try and communicate with us. So if you have things in your home like the lights flickering, like your garage door opening and shutting, like your TV turning on and off by itself, any electrical item that turns on and off by itself. It may be a fault.

Krista Sharp:                          Yeah.

Lynne Heuermann:            Always look at the practical side of things first. But it may be spirit saying, hey, I’m here. Or it may be someone who lives in the home, you’ve just moved in, they’re saying, hey, what are you doing in my home?

Krista Sharp:                          Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Lynne Heuermann:            So, that’s a classic. They can also use plumbing. Because they can come through on the current through the water. So if start having plumbing problems, that’s another thing. Or taps turning on and off, or that sort of thing. And also toilets just flushing randomly can also be a sign that there’s a spirit around.

Krista Sharp:                          Wow.

Lynne Heuermann:            Yeah.

Krista Sharp:                          Okay. So if we think there’s a spirit in our house, we can do something about it ourselves.

Lynne Heuermann:            Yeah.

Krista Sharp:                          Or we can get someone like you.

Lynne Heuermann:            Yes.

Krista Sharp:                          Yes.

Lynne Heuermann:            Absolutely.

Krista Sharp:                          Okay.

Lynne Heuermann:            Absolutely.

Krista Sharp:                          All right. Well, thank you very much for meeting with me today.

Lynne Heuermann:            Not a problem. Been a pleasure. Thanks for having me.

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