The only REIQ Accredited Agency in Chapel Hill

By Krista Sharp

Ray White MetroWest is the only REIQ accredited agency in Chapel Hill, Qld. Ask your agent “Are you with the REIQ?” and verify it with the leading industry body. There should be alarm bells ringing if they are not!

Ray White MetroWest is the only REIQ Accredited agency in Chapel Hill, Queensland.

The real estate industry has become increasingly professional over the past 10 years however some unscrupulous real estate agents are still using antiquated and unethical tricks to co-erce unsuspecting customers to sign up with them.

As a real estate consumer you can have peace of mind that you are dealing with a peach and not a lemon.


You can test out your agent is by asking “Are you with the REIQ?” and don’t just stop there. Verify their claim with the industry body itself by searching the REIQ’s membership directory HERE.  It’s FREE and could save you both financially and emotionally!

Property owners should choose the agency with the knowledge that REIQ accredited agencies have undertaken and are committed to continuing professional development and ongoing training.

Accredited REIQ Agencies:

Adhere to the REIQ Standards of Business Practice
Carry appropriate insurance
Have upgraded terms and conditions devised by the REIQ & Queensland Law Society
Have access to the latest property research data

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