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Routine Inspections!! What Why & How

What’s your property manager looking for when they come into your home to carry out a routine inspection?

Routine inspections can happen as often as every three months. It’s an opportunity for the property manager to report back to the landlords on the condition of the home. It’s a general inspection which doesn’t take very long at all. Routine inspections are also a good opportunity for tenants to show the landlords that they are good tenants and looking after the home.

WHAT I WOULD DO IF I WERE A TENANT  TODAY  So if I were a tenant and I knew the property manager was coming in to do a routine inspection I would make sure my smoke alarms are working and I haven’t tampered with them. I might go to the extent of getting my carpets professionally cleaned depending on how dirty or marked they are. I might get a professional cleaner through. However, it depends on yourself and your situation. You certainly don’t have to do that.

OUTSIDE  What the property manager is going to be looking at is generally the condition of the property. They might go into your garage and check if there are any new marks on the floor. They might go outside and look at the gutters and roof. They’ll check for overhanging trees. They might check the outside taps for any water leaks.

INSIDE  The property manager will go inside and look at the walls and ceilings. They’ll check under the sinks for signs of dampness. They’ll probably check all the taps, sinks and showers. They will be generally looking to see that there’s no damage. They’ll be checking for cracks on the walls and ceilings. They’ll want to look at the air-conditioning units. A routine inspection is a general look around.

MAINTENANCE  If you know there is maintenance required on the property, remember, it’s your responsibility to notify the property manager. Ensure you put your request for maintenance in writing. The property manager may not necessarily pick up on what is bugging you in the property at the moment. You are the one living there. If you have reported maintenance to your property manager and they haven’t responded be sure to follow them up. You must act reasonably. It’s easy for an email to get overlooked so don’t be afraid to follow your property manager up.

PETS  If you have pets you may need to ensure your pet is secured for the routine inspection. So if you have a dog, for example, be sure to remind your property manager that you do have a dog and let the property manager know your instructions. If you have a cat it’s very easy for us to open the front door and the cat runs out onto the street!

If you have any questions please send us an email. Thank you!

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