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By Craig Sharp

The term “Less Is More” has never been truer than when it comes time to sell your home or investment property!

The team at Ray White MetroWest are happy to assist with valuable and obligation free advice as to how best to prepare your home for sale.

Some of the simplest things you can do to prepare your home for sale can seem daunting so at Ray White MetroWest we suggest you apply yourself to one room at a time.

Entrance / Hallway:  Arguably the most important aspect of your home is the entrance/hallway.  Afterall, the first impression of the inside of your home is made as soon as the front door opens and the client sees your entrance and hallway.  Make these spaces as aesthetically pleasing as possible by clearing away unnecessary items, minimising wall art, possibly cleaning any scuffs off the walls and doors (sugar soap is great for this job) and cleaning and or replacing light fittings.

Living Room:  Most often the next thing the buyers look at is the living room.  Again, clear away any unnecessary items and make the space as uncluttered and inviting as possible.

Kitchen:  The kitchen can make or break a sale.  The kitchen can also be one of the biggest jobs when decluttering and preparing for sale.  Just as with the other areas, declutter anything that you don’t necessarily have to use every day.  Keep all benches clear of appliances and cleaning products.  Check that your light bulbs are working – especially the one on your range hood – for some reason buyers are always checking those!

Bathrooms:  As with the kitchen, the bathrooms can make or break a sale.  Remove all unnecessary items and get this room as clean and sparkly as physically possible.  You may even wish to invest in some new towels.  Keep the benches clear and remember buyers might look inside your cupboards so put anything personal far from sight!

Bedrooms:  Take another look at that Batman bedspread and consider what buyers are going to be thinking when they enter your private sanctuary.  You can buy tasteful manchester at very reasonable prices nowadays so what better excuse do you need?  Again, clear all unnecessary items away and put personal items into hiding for the term that your property is on the market.

Questions to consider:

Carpets:  Could your carpet do with a cleaning?

Windows:  Do my windows need a blasting?

External walls:  When was the last time the external walls were properly cleaned?

Roof:  Is it in good order?

Gardens:  How do they look like from the street?

Street appeal:  Is my house a turn on or a turn off for people driving by.

Consider having a garage sale, or a “free day”, doing some dump runs or if you simply must hold on to your belongings, perhaps a temporary storage solution is the answer.

We look forward to assisting you with the preparation of your unique property for sale.

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