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Kenmore South State School Fete 2017

Craig Sharp and the Ray White MetroWest team are excited and honoured to be sponsoring and attending the Kenmore South State School Fete 2017.  Local Real Estate Agency Principal, Craig Sharp and his twin brother, David, attended KSSS from year 1 to year 4.

“When being approached to sponsor the fete, naturally, I jumped at the opportunity.  Kenmore is in the middle of our core trade area and this is MY old school!  It’s a no brainer.  KSSS is first school that my twin brother, David, and I attended.  We used to walk from our home in Spinkbrae Street, Fig Tree Pocket.  It was quieter then.  I only recall being sent to the Principal’s off the one time”  the local Kenmore real estate agent joked.

“It’s an honour to be able to contribute towards the Kenmore school and community.  I have fond memories of Kenmore South Primary and it will always hold special memories for myself, my twin brother, David and our family.  It means a lot” Craig Sharp said.

The fete will be held from 11am on Saturday 5th August 2017 and the organisers have gone all out with the line up of live entertainment, food, workshops and rides.  The main entrance to the fete is on Kersley Road Kenmore but there’s another entrance at the end of Glenfrew and Strathspey Streets.  Click here for directions.

For more information on the Kenmore South State School 2017 Fete click here and plan your day.

There will be something of interest for absolutely everybody, so come along and say G’day to Craig and the Ray White MetroWest team!

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