The Sharp Report – Rentals October 2017

By Krista Sharp

Hi, I’m Krista Sharp and this is the October 2017 Sharp Report for RayWhite Metro West Rentals. We’re in the middle of spring selling season and the interesting thing is, it’s not just a selling season for sales, for properties for sales, October has certainly proven to be really hot for rentals. Everything that we get is renting really quickly.

Again, families with pets, looking for pet friendly homes. In saying that, 60% of our properties have rented to people who didn’t have pets. This month, we’ve done a couple of really good rentals, which were 55 Botticelli Street, at Fig Tree Pocket which attracted five groups at the first inspection and four different applications. A successful application, zero vacancy and a stable yield for our owners.

We also had 33 Spinkbrae Street, which happens to be the street of Craig’s childhood home and iconic businessman, Stefan, that was where he was bringing up his kids. Spinkbrae Street is a lovely street. The home that we rented was almost new and on a smaller lot but very, very modern.

Again, it was pet friendly but we didn’t rent it to people with pets this time. Again, an application received at the first viewing and no vacancy for that property. A good yield for our owners again. Devi and I would like to wish you a happy Halloween. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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