Professional Vs Unprofessional Property Photography

By Krista Sharp

We all know that first impressions count and when you list your property on the market you want it to make a strong first impression.

As the title of this article states “Professional Vs Unprofessional Photography” – this is a no brainer.  You must have professional photography carried out on your property if you want to attract the maximum amount of enquiry to your property.  Bathrooms and bedrooms can be very tricky to photograph and the average real estate agent or property manager does not have the skills to get a good shot out of such a space.

Put an unprofessional property photo beside a professional property photo and there is simply no comparison.  Ray White MetroWest is committed to selling the benefits and features of each and every property we list.  Let us do that in the best possible light using the professional equipment by the people who know what they’re doing with it!

At Ray White MetroWest we have various photography options to suit every budget.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

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